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This time together in the week day evenings has three parts –

Firstly Brahmari; we use several humming sounds and its long out breaths to energise and soothe the body mind.

then we Chant four times the Aum Sahana Vavatu chant; this is a prayer that expresses our desire to develop peace understanding within our selves and in the world.

and then Quiet Contemplation; stabilising our awareness in our bodily posture and our breathing.


Prayer for Peace and Co-operation

 aum sahanā vavatu

May we be protected together

sahanau bhunaktu

May we be nourished together

sa ha vīrr yaṁ karavā vahaii

May we be strong and steady together

tejasvinā  vadhī  tamastu

May our learning be filled with brilliance and light

 vidviṣā vahaii

May there be peace among us

Aum   śānti    śānti   śāntiḥ

May there be Peace(within), Peace(with others), Peace(in the world)