I am offering on-line psychotherapy and counselling.

My first qualification in counselling was back in 1989. In the early 1990s I trained as a CCI group facilitator and in 1996 received my first post graduate qualification as a counselor at UEL.

I recently deepened my practise through further post graduate training at the Psychosynthesis Trust, a form of counselling grounded in yoga philosophy. In 2014 I completed my Positive Psychology Msc research into mystical experience of Pranayama practitioners, which continues to support my counselling practise as well as pranayama teaching. I have completed a certifcation to teach character strengths with Ryan Niemiec, learning how to integrate Character Strengths and mindfulness into our lives to improve well being and reduce suffering. As a member of BACP my counselling work receives ongoing supervision.

If you feel counselling might be for you at this time, email me to say something about your concerns and we can discuss arranging an initial session  (alaricnewcombe@gmail.com).



Related Qualifications:

1983 B.A.(Hons) Philosophy, Reading University.
1987 Post-Graduate Diploma in Language Teaching and Linguistics, Kent University.
1989 Co-Counselling International practitioner and 1991 accredited as a trainer, London.
1989 Counselling Certificate, Lewisham College.
1996 Post-Graduate Diploma in Counselling, University of East London.
2016  MSc Positive Psychology, University of East London.
2020 Post-Graduate Diploma in Counselling, Psychosynthesis Trust, London.