Pranayama Lessons on Zoom

8am Monday, Wednesday, Friday
1pm Thursdays

Recordings are available to keep up if you miss classes. (These go back to March 2020.)
You will need at very least four years asana practise to join these classes.


You can also join the online discussion group to support your learning.

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Monthly Asana and Pranayama Workshops (In-person and online with 7-day recording access)

Saturday 22 January, 19 February and 12 March | 15:00-17:00
triyoga camden, 57A Jamestown Road, London, NW1 7DB
Tel: 020 7483 3344 | Email:
Studio Price: £30 | Online Price: £20

These workshops, open to all who have a minimum of three years’ asana experience (of any style), will give you a systematic and thorough introduction to how asana brings about pranayama, and how pranayama can be experienced within asana. You’ll move through a class of standing, sitting and inverted poses, taught with Iyengar yoga’s characteristic precision and nuance, learning how pranayama can be found within asana itself, and how these two limbs of Patanjali yoga support each other to offer a student a deeper, richer experience of themselves and their practice.

We will move from the asana portion of the workshop into a specific pranayama segment comprising around a third of the class, in which we’ll explore various pranayama practices such as ujjayi and villoma whilst supine and sitting, with some digital pranayama if appropriate.

Alaric’s workshops are an opportunity to investigate the practice of pranayama in greater depth than is possible in an asana only class, and to explore its potential to support and enrich your practice. Those who have attended previous pranayama workshops with Alaric are encouraged to attend again to help develop your technique, as is anyone new to this practice with the required asana experience.

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